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Narratives for Qlik 1.5 Release Notes


N4Q 1.5 Features:

The Narratives for Qlik Team is pleased to announce the release of Narratives for Qlik 1.5. You can read through the release notes below for explanations on new features and functionality. Please note, these new features will automatically appear the next time you use the Narratives for Qlik extension- there is no download necessary.

1. Local Currency Selections - Narratives will render monetary figures in the currency of a user’s choosing

  • Choose from 50+ currencies
  • Narratives still automatically clean up and round currency figures to ease readability

In order to utilize the currency selector, you can characterize your measure as ‘Money’ in narrative settings under ‘characterizations’. From there you can choose your desired currency.

A more detailed guide for this feature can be found here.

2. Support for Histogram Narratives - Narratives have context of your histogram plots and provide commentary and analysis on:

  • The most interesting sections of your histograms
  • Where the data points are most concentrated
  • Trends across the various buckets

A more detailed guide for this feature can be found here.

3. Richer Help Experience - New guided experience takes users on a tour of the advanced features of Narratives for Qlik.

Once a user requests a narrative about a visualization, an interactive walkthrough immediately launches to guide a user through ‘Narrative Settings’, the experience where users provide context and customization to their narratives. Additional help features include:

  • More informative explanations
  • More direction on when to best utilize advanced features

A more detailed guide for this feature can be found here.

4. Deeper analytics and more narrative context

  • Discussion of Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) when relevant and insightful
  • Discussion of correlation and regression of measures in bar chart narratives.
  • More contextual discussion around cumulative measures in line chart narratives.
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