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Using the Narrative Focus Filter


This guide will walk through how to use the Focus Filter feature in Narratives for Qlik. Using this feature, you can 'focus' your narrative on the most important lines/bars/columns by easily 'filtering' your visualization based on a series of metrics.


  • This feature is only supported in Qlik Sense versions 2.2 or later.
  • This feature is not currently supported in Qlik Sense Desktop. Check back for updates.
  • You must be in 'publish mode' to utilize this feature.

Multi-dimension Line Chart Focus

In this example, we will go through the steps to apply a focus to a line chart with many series.

1) Let's start with a multi-dimension line chart measuring revenue over time and broken down by product group. This presents a line chart with many lines.

2) To use the narrative focus filter, click on the narrative object. The narrative focus filter icon will appear.

3) Click on the focus filter icon. This will bring up your focus filter options for this visualization type.

4) Now, you can adjust the number of series to focus on and specify the metric you will focus on. Across any metric, you can focus on 1-5 series based on the ones that are highest or lowest by the metric you choose. By clicking on the third drop down, you will expose the set of metric options for your focus.

5) When you choose the metric, you can click the green checkbox to apply the focus. This will not only result in a new narrative that applies your focus, but will perform a selection in the visualization to filter the chart down to only the entities you are focusing on. 

In our example, we have focused on the three series with the highest starting value. You will notice that the narrative is focused on those three products and the visualization only has the three highest starting value series. In the top sidebar, it will display the fact a 'selection' of three series has been applied.

Multi-dimension Bar/Column/Treemap Chart

1) Click on the focus filter button to bring up focus filter options

2) The third dropdown from the top allows you to choose which dimension (primary or secondary) to apply the focus to.

3) The bottom dropdown allows you to choose the metric to focus on

Single Dimension Bar/Column/Treemap Charts

For a single dimension chart over a discrete dimension, you can choose whether you want the highest ranking or lowest ranking dimension values. In the case of multiple measures, you can choose which measure you want to perform the focus calculation on.

1) Choose whether to focus on the highest or lowest ranking entities

2) In the case of multiple measures, choose the measure to perform calculations on

Note: You will only be able to select metrics that are enabled within 'Configurable Analytics' in the narrative settings modal.

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