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Narratives for Qlik April 2016 Release Notes


The Narratives for Qlik Team is pleased to announce the release of Narratives for Qlik 1.2. You can read through the release notes below for explanations on new features and functionality. Please note, these new features will automatically appear the next time you use the Narratives for Qlik extension- there is no download necessary.

1. Enhanced Analytics to provide greater insight. Narratives now include the following:

For continuous series analysis:

  • Examining intersections between multiple series
  • Examining the level of statistical correlation between multiple series
  • Examining recurring patterns or cycles within a series

2. Additional user-defined settings within the modal window to enhance story logic and context:

  • Relationships: A user can specify if any measure is a component of any other measure plotted on the same graph. For example, a user can specify that “Revenue” is a component of “Profit”. The narrative will automatically adjust to compare the measures appropriately

3. User-defined analytics: Within the settings modal window, a user can enable (or disable) collections of analytics and rank those analytic packages in order of importance. The narrative with automatically respond to these inputs.

4. Deeper narratives for multi-dimension bar/column/tree map charts: Narratives will now discuss the data across the secondary dimension, in addition to the primary dimension. Users will gain an additional perspective and insight into the data that is often difficult to see visually.

5. Additional chart type: Users can now generate narratives about maps



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