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Narratives for Qlik May 2016 Release Notes


The Narratives for Qlik Team is pleased to announce the release of Narratives for Qlik 1.3. You can read through the release notes below for explanations on new features and functionality. Please note, these new features will automatically appear the next time you use Narratives for Qlik- there is no additional download necessary.

1. Additional chart type: Users can now generate narratives about scatter plots and the following analytics are run-

Regression analysis:

    • For scatter plots with two measures, the narratives will identify correlation between the two measures
    • For scatter plots with three measures, the narratives will identify the level of correlation each of the first two measures has on the third

Other statistical analysis:

    • Narratives will identify the outliers for each measure
    • Narratives will identify interesting clusters of entities along each axis

2. Focus Filters: Narratives for Qlik can help users focus both their chart and their narrative on the most important series to them. Note: This feature is only supported in Qlik Sense Server versions 2.2 or later.

    • In multi-dimension line charts: When visualizing many series, focus both the chart and narrative on a set of lines by metrics such as:
      • Biggest start-to-finish change
      • Volatility
      • Starting or ending points
    • In  all bar charts: Focus both the chart and narrative on a set of bars or columns across primary or secondary dimension values by metrics such as:
      • Total value
      • Average

3. Driver Analysis: Narratives will discuss the measures most closely correlated to the movement of a given metric. Users can provide the extension with several application-wide measures that could potentially impact the subject of analysis. Narratives will dynamically inform the user of the most impactful correlations through linear regression analysis.

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